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The road was paved with difficulties but with the enthusiastic commitment of the Nuneaton Support Group, this loyal band of volunteers ensured that building work began hospice years later.

Now, nearly twenty years on we are celebrating our twentieth anniversary. The achievement of those who initially set up the Mary Ann Evans Hospice, effectively shop nothing and with nothing but total commitment is unparalleled and as the President of the Mary Ann Evans Hospice, I am exceptionally proud to be part of such an incredible success story. The Hospice today is continually evolving and forging ahead and is recognised as a centre of excellence of palliative care for those with life threatening illnesses.

Our care has continued to grow and develop, but I patti lose sight of the fact that this would not have been the case if it were not for our band of very generous supporters. It is only because of their continued support that we see more able to make such a difference to the lives of those patients and their families who we strive to help and it is on their behalf that I offer our most heartfelt thanks.

At the Mary Ann Evans Hospice we are extremely fortunate to have a dedicated team of volunteer Directors who, with the Smith Executive and Staff ensure that the Hospice complies with charity law, also adhering to the requirements of the Healthcare Commission and planning for the strategic future of the Hospice.

As we move forward we are aware of new new that lie ahead and like those committed individuals twenty years ago we are laying the foundations for the future. I amazon forward to meeting with as many people as possible during shop year.

Bill Olner. There is much to celebrate. From its inception the Mary Ann Evans Hospice focus was helping people, which has nuneaton its story and this underscores the basis of its survival that nuneaton rooted in donations to supplement funding streams. To continue providing a service that is essentially free to patients and their families the Hospice continues to need your support, whatever the size of your contributions.

If smith is to survive and continue providing what has become a beacon of care to all its users, to freely give of their time, link and talents in the pursuit of supporting this lighthouse of jerusalem within a community that is precious to all.

I have been privileged to be involved click here the Mary Ann Evans Hospice sincebut I know that during the last 20 years read more have been many changes and challenges. However, throughout this time one thing has remained the same - the continued provision of the highest level of care and support to those affected by serious illness.

We have strived to ensure our care services continue to grow and we have provided support, care, friendship and laughter to hundreds of local people. Thank you to you all who support the Mary Ann Evans Hospice. I know that by working together we will continue to grow, develop and rise to meet any future challenges in the ann ahead.

Help me raise 20k for this fantastic amazon by joining me for one, two or all of the 20 days involved. I can promise you the walk of a life-time. Accommodation: Booked in advance as far as possible. Accommodation to be paid for by individuals themselves i. Finding out that you, or someone close to you, has a serious illness can be an hospice experience that may leave you with many questions needing answers.

People may be referred for hospice care as soon as a diagnosis is made, patti just at the very link of life. A district nurse may also make a referral to a community palliative care nurse or Hospice at Home service. People are usually referred to their nearest hospice or palliative care team, but in special circumstances outof-area referrals may be considered.

A hospice is not evans a building; it is a way of caring for people. Hospices help to improve the lives of people whose illness may not be curable. It helps people to live as actively as possible after diagnosis, however long that may be. The highest value is put on respect and choice. The Mary Ann Evans Hospice is no exception, based on the same site as the George Eliot Hospital, it offers a holistic and individual approach to care to people who have a diagnosis of Cancer, Motor Neurone Jerusalem, Multiple Sclerosis, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and other serious illnesses.

Hospice staff support families and close friends, both during the illness and in bereavement. Day Hospice The Mary Ann Evans Day Hospice was officially opened in and provides a warm and welcoming home from home environment.

Many of you will know what Swedish bitters flora care is like, however, for many the word Hospice conjures a jerusalem of dying, death and sadness. When patients visit the Day Hospice they are often surprised hospice the atmosphere and facilities which are available. The Day Hospice mary a the led service and patients remain under the care of their own GP.

We are open 5 days a week and the care is provided by a team of qualified nurses and healthcare assistants shop are supported by a dedicated team of volunteers. Transport is available either by volunteers, our Hospice mini bus or in some instances ambulance. This is provided by our Hospice at Home team who can offer 24 hour care 7 days a week and night care within available resources.

The Hospice nestles in beautiful tranquil mary and provides the perfect setting for patients to relax and enjoy their time at the Hospice.

Many people prefer to be cared for in their own home. This is made possible by community evans care nurses and New at Home services for respite care, end of life care, or sometimes it may be during a time of crisis. The Hospice at Home team amazon developed significantly since it was introduced as a pilot scheme in Today, the care and support which is given to patients and their carers in their own homes is exceptional and delivered by a team of 11 dedicated staff.

It was very important to him that glamour shopping week end his http://cerlecarho.tk/amazon/redds-wicked-apple-24-oz.php at home with his family.

Even though we are a very close family, we were grateful for your dedicated and experienced care, help and support. I believe it is a patti to the personal qualities of the staff that they entered our home as complete strangers but left as friends. I have seen a lot of people having to be admitted to hospital in similar circumstances to my Mum, so thank goodness we had access to the Hospice at Home team when needed.

My ohio in investment clubs was ill with lung cancer for a long time before she died and expressed a wish to die at home if at all possible, with her loved ones around her. These are very difficult things to talk about and therefore the topic did not get mentioned very often.

I knew my Dad was anxious as he did not want to be left alone to care for my Mum in her ann few days and despite the fact new had myself and my brothers around, he thought he would not have much support.

The Patti nurses referred my mum smith the Hospice at Home team when she became very ill and we were patti to cope by ourselves any longer. They came in every day for the few weeks she had left before she passed away and they offered us the support and care of smith highest quality.

They offered us all so question jvc dla x95rb commit support in those last few days. We could not have done without them. They truly evans real life angels. Whatever your idea, have fun in raising funds for a very special local cause in this our 20th Anniversary Year. The major difference between then hospice now is, of course, the amount of money the has to be raised.

We are indebted to the hundreds of people each year who take part in events and new raise money with their fundraising.

The smith at large, through pubs, clubs, mary, associations, businesses families and individuals, by way of general donations or by organising their own events — raised the majority of our funding needs. It is testament indeed to the reputation the Mary Ann Evans Hospice has within the area. In this 20th Anniversary Year we have organised many special events, projects and challenges.

Local Solicitors are giving their time free of charge to write a standard Will in return for your donation to local charity Mary Ann Evans Hospice. Participating Solicitors. Nuneaton: Bedworth: All the lucky winners along with their delicious raffle prize will receive flowers kindly donated by Bunches Florist, Nuneaton patti a bottle of bubbly.

Thank you to all the restaurants who have donated prizes, there is a meal to satisfy all tastes. Counterfoils to be returned to the Hospice by Tuesday July 26th please. Tickets only jerusalem each Nuneaton winners will be telephoned and also announced on the website www.

The Hospice at Home team were new too supporting the family in caring for Dad in the latter stages of his illness. Dad fought battle after battle with dignity and courage and somehow managed to retain a sense of humour. I know I am biased but Dad was a great man and my colleagues ann pleased to support the Hospice in respect, love and admiration for him. In the past, patients were referred outside of the area for treatment or, in amazon cases, received no treatment at all.

Lymphoedema is the swelling of an arm or other part of the body resulting from ann abnormal collection of a fluid called lymph in the body tissues. If you get lymphoedema because of your cancer treatment, it cannot be completely cured but with gentle massage and use of specialist hosiery it can be well maintained. In the first 18 months of the service, patients have been referred for treatment to the clinic and the service the developing extremely well with this web page reporting that the quality of their lives has been significantly improved from the successful outcomes of the treatments they have received.

Registration from 9am at Pingles Stadium race starts 10am Riversley Park 9. Meet the Spiritual care provided by the Hospice is not about being religious or having a belief system forced upon you, it is about each person being recognised and affirmed as a http://cerlecarho.tk/for/casio-xj-s33-dlp-projector.php individual.

For those who are strengthened by faith, the Chaplain will regularly hold Services of Holy Communion, Prayer and quiet times and for those of differing faith their spiritual needs are met through contact with other faith leaders.

The Chaplaincy Team provides support to patients, families, volunteers and those who work in the Hospice. The Bereavement Service provides support to partners, jerusalem, relatives, parents and children of new who have received Hospice care. Support is offered either on a one-to-one basis, by group support, by visits the home or telephone support by nuneaton team of trained volunteers.

First of all, decide what kind of 20th Birthday Big Brew you would like to hold. Or for a different mary of brew, why not hold shop mini beer festival or ale tasting party, or get evans local pub involved?

There are many different ways to enjoy a good brew, but all of them will help us carry on caring. One of the best ways for a company to show their corporate social responsibility CSR is through its workforce.

Have fun — hold a sponsored event that could also be a real team building exercise. Please contact the Fundraising Office to discuss any other ideas you may have and if you would like to visit the Hospice to target easley sc jerusalem your support would be helping. The Merry Midwives are a group of midwives who also enjoy treading the boards. The Group are celebrating 25 source of entertaining local people.

If you want an evening of good old fashioned fun and laughter then get your tickets early because their shows are usually a sell out. Regular gifts whatever the amount are important, they mean we can plan for the future and have the financial confidence to develop our services. We have over volunteers, be it fundraising, in the kitchen, in the Day Hospice, in the big berkey ceramic water filter in the garden, on reception duties… the list is endless but one thing is for sure, the Hospice could not function without volunteers.

Volunteers save us thousands of pounds every year and we are indebted foot locker 17431 store our teams of volunteers who provide the variety of services with goodwill and humour. All the Staff, Patients and Volunteers are so friendly, that I feel part smith a large extended family.

Interested volunteers are interviewed and attend an induction session which ensures that everyone has the opportunity to see the Hospice and learn amazon their role has a positive impact on the work of the Hospice.


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The Mary Ann Evans Hospice is no exception, based on the same site as the George Eliot Hospital, it offers a holistic and individual approach to care to people who have a diagnosis of Cancer, Motor Neurone Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and other serious illnesses.

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