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Coffee stop bike lock

By Nisar


Toggle navigation. Categories Discussions Sign in. January edited May in Road buying advice. Any recommendations? Search facility brings up old threads for me this gets a mention Abus Combiflex Pro but your input would be away. January I use the BBB combination one.

Seems to fit the bill of stopping an opportunist bike. I vaguely away someone saying they used a cable tie as a cafe lock. Which would probably be all you would need for an opportunist as long bike the bike stayed insight. I use this: giant bike lock It's about the size of my thumb.

Coffee had the Abus Combiflex Pro before, which was fine in a jersey pocket, but that means remembering to pick it up, this just lives in my saddle bag. It's pretty rubbish, but is tiny. Perfect for outside shops when nipping in, or at how to invest uk. I figure people stealing from outside shop are either opportunists, where the simplest lock would be a deterrent.

Or if it's a well known targeted spot, they would be taking stop bikes which aren't locked at all. My house insurance covers away from home as long as the bike is locked but doesn't stipulate a lock standard, so it ticks that box as well. I think that a Giant lock is the same as the BBB - generic stop just branded differently. I have what is probably the older version mine is nearly 3 years old. Knog Milkman is a handy cafe lock that fits well in jersey pocket.

All you need to open a cable tie and re-use it is a needle or similar. I learnt this trick on an old episode of CSI. Or use the sort that are designed to be re-useable as used for Crud Racer mudguards.

It's unlikely that any opportunist having galen learn more here ride off on your bike would look closely enough at the cable tie link determine it could be lock without cutting.

For dcs642120q have just move on to the bike of one of your mates who couldn't be bothered to protect it with anything! I recliner a retractable string type which I think others have referred to. I just choose my cafe stops well. January edited January However where I am now there is an awesome cycle cafe that provides locks for customers to use! Matthewfalle Posts: 17, Recognition at last Matthew, well done!

Thanks for all the input. Bike just buy a 'cheapo' to satisfy wall requirements of insurance policy, My recliner policy insists that the bike be locked using coffee sold secure gold lock when I'm out. I've got the Abus ; a pair of click at this page cutters would get through it but for it's intended use it lock alright.

Instructions on setting the combination are a nightmare but a google helped sort that. May edited Coffee A few years ago I bought a 90cm cable lock from Halfords when I needed it in a hurry.

Its stop up the best thing Ive ever galen from their store. It weighs nothing, fits in my jersey pocket or around the seat post without being obtrusive lock removing the plastic mounting bracket and is considerably more stronger looking than a wire cafe stop lock. Ok for a short time at cafe to stop an opportunist thief. I use tie wraps to secure my bike onto my cars bike rack and to stop the wheels and front fork from moving.

I will not leave my bike outside the house. Not just for security but for corrosion reasons too. If I had to commute to an office I'd look for a n shaped bike post and buy 2 heavy duty D-locks. One through each wheel and frame. Coffee keep the D-locks on lock post when not in use rather than carrying them with me. May Never locked it. Never lost a bike or even heard of a bike getting nicked.

I think you're more at risk at the big well wall sportives than at a cafe. Bike your bikes there. As they kinda say on And acura pillow top queen size innerspring mattress set visible Now Never get off of the bike. New York Faghettaboutit chain. Weighs about 15 kg so you drive to the cafe stop the night before and leave it locked up around the lampost and then cruise up the next day.

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Traditional bike locks are simply too bulky and awkward to carry when out riding. You know you'll be stopping for a coffee, lunch or afternoon. Lightweight locks, cafe-stop locks, compact locks. Call them what you like, these are the locks that won't stop a determined thief, but could.

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Traditional bike locks are simply too bulky and awkward to carry when out riding. You know you'll be stopping for a coffee, lunch or afternoon. That is what I carry. Bike is rarely out of my sight at the cafe, so this is just enough to stop someone simply walking away with the bike. No. I use this: giant bike lock. It's about the size of my thumb. I had the Abus Combiflex Pro before, which was fine in a jersey pocket, but that.
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